The 'Walking Chair' by Luis Ribeiro is All Tangled Up

Finally a seat that will make one want to get up and dance; 'The Walking Chair' by Luis Ribeiro has got criss-crossed legs as if it was caught in mid-dance signalling sitters to get up and let it finish its moves.

This chair is built and finished with smooth light-colored wooding and presents a design that will most prominently add to a modern living room. Its design is entirely abstract and it captures a futuristic appeal with its sleek and shiny finish. The legs of the chair are crossed making one wonder how it is managing to stand. The backrest was made with a thin rectangular opening that slices down a diagonal. It follows the slanted nature of the chair's legs adding to its aesthetic appeal. This chair is sure to add abstract modernity to the home and will promote sitters to get up and move too!