Olympia T-Tongs

 - Aug 30, 2008
References: chaussettesolympia & translate.google
The T-Tong socks by Olympia are meant to solve a problem I don't think exists: socks for tongs. Let me explain further.

The aim of these remarkable T-Tongs is to prevent you from getting blisters when wearing flip flops. But my argument is that if you were wearing these, then surely it would defeat the point of wearing flip flops in the first place.

I guess the T-Tong could liven up an old pair of flip flops as they come in 10 different colors with customization available in the form of beads, embroidery, flowers, feathers.

They would have been handy if I had found this at the start of the summer, but I guess not in days leading up to fall.