Dual Eyewear Sunglasses Block the Sun and Magnify LCD Screens

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: gizmag & gizmag
With a pair of Dual Eyewear sunglasses on, reading the tiny LCD screen of an electronic gadget while driving, biking or walking will be a little less dangerous.

The glasses offer a safe and effective way to multitask with a built-in magnifying glass in the bottom, inner corner of the lenses. The magnifier acts like a bifocal to make small things easier to read quickly, while the remainder of the lens acts like a typical UV-blocker.

While going for a jog or walk toting a gadget that tracks speed, distance and calories burned, for example, Dual Eyewear sunglasses allow one to quickly glance at the screen to check on their progress and then get their eyes back on the road in front of them. This could avoid some nasty collisions and embarrassing spills because the user was too busy looking at their phone or computer to pay attention to where they are going.

The glasses come in several different magnification levels to meet the specific vision-enhancement needs of the buyer, as well as being offered in several frame and lens styles.