The Moby Chaise Lounge Bridges Ergonomics and Organic Formalism

 - Dec 1, 2011
Human beings are a product of nature's design, so it makes sense that furnishings designed with an organic sculptural style become some of the most comfortable pieces. Form Us With Love have conceived this concept called the Moby Chaise Lounge which is based on a milled ribcage structure and bears a distinctive resemblance to the ocean's swell.

The soft mattress placed on top of the undulating gridded framework is of an aqueous blue color, further emphasizing this idea of a rolling wave. The lounger's surging surface falls sightly in the center which provides an cozy curvature form the sitter's bottom and hip. The predominantly horizontal inclination of the Moby Chaise Lounge invites the user to recline and relax, just as one might do while floating contentedly on the surface of the sea.