Boat Dress by Jacqueline Bradley Keeps Afloat Amidst Fluctuating Fashions

The fabric and style of the Boat Dress by Jacqueline Bradley may noticeably channel 1950s fashion above the waist, but you'll have less luck attempting to label the lower half as having come from any particular historical period. Of course, there's no doubt that the artist had her influences.

This eccentric and exceedingly charming sundress appears to have been conceived through the union of a lengthy skirt and a blow-up plastic rowboat. The hem of the garment has been pulled and fixed to the perimeter of the inflatable vessel, around which it has been trimmed to terminate about halfway up the outside. The Boat Dress by Jacqueline Bradley reminds me of a grown-up version of one of those lifesaver suits -- but executed here with imagination, artistry and delight. How I'd love to try it out.