Avoid Scorched Skin With These Creative Sunscreen Innovations

 - Jun 7, 2011
With the days getting warmer and warmer, it's essential to lather your limbs in skin-protecting products. These sunscreen innovations will introduce you to new ways to soak up the sun, but save your skin.

Common sunscreens are crammed in cupboards everywhere; everyone is familiar with the thick, greasy lotions that sand loves to stick to. However, sunscreen has undergone a renovation in the marketplace. There are now new and more effective methods of lathering up that will leave you covered and clean.

Instead of slathering skin in sticky lotion, why not sip a refreshing sun-reflecting beverage? Or perhaps you'd rather drape yourself in sun-blocking fashions. There are even pieces of jewelry and trinkets which detect how strong the UV rays are in your area at that moment.

With all of these revolutionary ray-reflecting sunscreen innovations, you'll be able to have protected fun in the sun this summer.