No More Rub Downs on the Beach

 - Feb 16, 2008   Updated: May 13 2011
References: sunscreenmist
Two chicks on the beach rubbing oil on each other may be replaced by two chicks spraying each other. Bummer. Sunscreen Mist is a vending machine that dispenses Ocean Potion products in a variety of SPF's or sun enhancers or even self-tanning products. It also has the advantage of eliminating empty tanning product tubes and bottles at the beach or pool.

Implications - If Japan has taught the world anything, it's that vending machines are more than just about storing drinks and snacks. Companies in Asia are starting to place shirts and electronics into these contraptions that allow customers to avoid the hassles of a pushy salesperson. Countries worldwide should consider using vending machines as a medium to sell some of their products. It's a great advertising technique that will gain the attention of thousands of passersby on a daily basis.