- Aug 17, 2011
As life gets more and more fast-paced, the desire for alternative vending machines that dispense more than just soda cans has risen in the last few years. From a luxury coffee machine that sells your favorite Starbucks brew to Japanese used underwear dispensers, these inventive vendors range from practical to the completely bizarre.

Of all the alternative vending machines, my favorites are definitely the hot food and pizza dispensers. As a full-time pizza enthusiast, I must say these automated retailers would be quite useful, especially after a long night out with friends. The art vending machines are also exceptional, putting a unique spin on the selling and trading of artwork.

The next time you find yourself traveling, I suggest you keep an eye out for one of these useful alternative vending machines. You never know when you might have the sudden urge to pick up a copy of Twilight on-the-go!

From Robotic Soft Serve Clerks to Twilight Novel Dispensers: