5 Japanese Innovations

 - Jan 11, 2008
References: photomann
Behold, the top five most unusual Japanese vending machines!

1. Nothing says "yum" like "Just Time Best Taste," right? I don't get it either, but that's what the machine says. It's the fried food vending machine which serves up dumplings, hot dogs, french fries and more.

2. This one is big with the sportsmen. It's the fisherman's vending machine, doling out hooks, line and even bait!

3. Here we have the incredible, edible egg vending machine. And boy, ain't that a lot of eggs in that machine! Is there a freshness guarantee?

4. This one helps you clean up your act. How about the toilet paper vending machine? It's just the fix for those sudden urges.

5. And finally, the beetle vending machine. It seems pretty gross to me, but I guess keeping a pet beetle makes more sense than a pet rock. You could put a little leash on him and make little costumes.