From Colorful Dumpling Lighting to Extreme Eating

 - Aug 13, 2012
The popularity of the traditional Chinese lunch cuisine has spawned several delectable dim sum creations, including an assortment of home decor items, backpacks and even a vending machine variant.

Dim sum is regularly enjoyed by the Chinese to this very day in the form of weekly weekend lunches with the family or as a perfect opportunity for gatherings with friends. Enjoyed by both the young and the old, the menu consists of various buns, dumplings (steamed or fried), small-portion meat items and sweet dessert tarts that are all housed in standard baskets and meant to be shared with the table. There are no real main dishes, in fact, the entire meal consists of small-potion dishes that would most closely relate to the Western appetizer. Another integral part of the dining culture is tea accompaniment, which is said to aid digestion.

The novelty of this cuisine has garnered considerable attention with the Western community. It is no wonder that so many facets of the dim sum experience are reincarnated into other forms!