The Steamer Set by Office for Product Design is Clean and Sophisticated

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: jia-inc & design-milk
Designed by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc., a company that invites international designers to rethink traditional Chinese objects, the Steamer Set does just that for cookware. Reinterpreted for modern society, the Steamer Set does not compromise its roots. Easily recognizable as the classic containers used in dim sum restaurants, the Steamer Set has been given a subtle, contemporary facelift.

In addition to the typical bamboo material, the Steamer Set uses fire-proof ceramic so as to be less susceptible to temperature changes. Oven-, stove- and microwave-safe, it also utilizes a terracotta material to better absorb excess liquid. Aside from its practical properties, the Steamer Set boasts a minimalist aesthetic that is clean and sophisticated. It has received many awards including Good Design and International Forum.