- Aug 21, 2013
Cooking meals, especially baked goods, often requires precise timing and careful measurements, and if you're looking to add some humor into the process, then these comical kitchen timers will certainly do the trick.

Making sure to have a timer while your cake bakes or turkey roasts is essential to making sure that the dish cooks correctly and all the way through, and these comical cooking clocks are here to add a bit more personality and fun into the process. Why go for an ordinary clock when you can have one shaped like a scrumptious cupcake and piece of sushi or one that looks like a magical hourglass?

From cutesy kitchen clocks to double duty retro timers, these comical kitchen clocks will definitely serve to bring a humorous and playful touch to your cooking routine.

From Literal Turkey Timers to Stove-Shaped Cooking Clocks: