The Metrix Vending Machine Will Satisfy All Your Geeky Cravings

 - May 12, 2011
References: wired & incrediblethings
We all have cravings throughout the day, some a bit more odd than others. Lots of people crave chips and candy bars from vending machines, but more geeky cravings exist too! Matt Metrix’s ‘Metrix hackerspace’ in Seattle, Washington, has a new vending machine to satisfy all your geeky gadget desires.

The Seattle hackerspace has come out with a new type of vending machine that dispenses everything from USB cables to LCD displays -- even a mini breathalyser kit. Offering all of these nerdtastic devices at your fingertips, the Metrix vending machine is the perfect addition to any tech-savvy workspace!

Now, some of the most common predicaments for people in the workplace can be satisfied all through one genius (literally) vending machine. Here’s hoping that this cool vending machine makes its way to all workplaces in the future!