From Kris Kringle-Inspired Caps to Santa Laundry Lines

 - Nov 23, 2013
With the holiday spirit starting to spread, it's the perfect time to start decorating your home with festive seasonal decor, and these Santa Claus products are offering some fun ways to pay tribute to jolly Saint Nicholas.

Santa Claus has become one of the most iconic figures of the Christmas season. Whether it's because of his jolly demeanour, festive red ensemble or the fact that he delivers gifts to children worldwide, Santa Claus is a holiday figure that people just seem to love. And these jolly Santa Claus products are offering some creative ways to infuse Father Christmas into your holiday decor.

From costumes that allow you to look like the infamous Kris Kringle to Santa Claus-themed kicks and t-shirts, these festive products will definitely help to spread the spirit of Christmas.