The Egg Vending Machine Provides Fresh Eggs on a Daily Basis

 - May 4, 2011
References: flickr & dvice
It seems like Japan has it all, even an Egg Vending Machine. I mean, the Japanese did bring the first touchscreen vending machine to the market. Although, I don't think that the Egg Vending Machine can really compete with Shanghai's Crab Vending Machine, not everyone needs crabs on a daily basis. Eggs, however, will always be a food staple in many households.

The Egg Vending Machine was spotted by Flickr user Josh Berglund when he was traveling around Japan. He noted that each small compartment holds a bag that contains about 10 to 12 eggs. Each bag is priced at about $3. He also notes that the eggs are from a nearby farm and the farmer fills the machine daily with freshly laid eggs.