The NOAH Egg Machine Shows the Plight of Chicken in Factory Farms

 - May 13, 2011
References: & technabob
The NOAH Egg Machine was recently unleashed onto the streets of an unnamed English-speaking country (possibly America) in an attempt to show people the living conditions of chickens in factory farms.

The NOAH Egg Machine was filled with chickens who ironically came from a free-range farm. Curious onlookers could see for themselves just how terrible it is to be a chicken whose sole mission is to lay eggs all day. The quarters were cramped, but even they were generous by factory farm standards with only one chicken occupying each section.

The NOAH Egg Machine is easily one of the smartest attacks against the techniques of factory farmers that I have ever seen. NOAH made a public spectacle without making fools of themselves, keeping their message intact and creating an interesting viral video in the process.