From Interactive Menus to Tactile Tablets Debuted at CES 2012

 - Jan 10, 2012
These touchscreen finds are awe-inspiring examples of where the future of technology lies compiled in homage to CES 2012, which has already begun. These amazing examples are proving the prevalence of the simple and sleek design associated with modern tech products.

From touchscreen time pieces to tactile televisions, technology is evolving every day and large corporations are taking notice. Businesses are fusing their branding with tech-based marketing strategies. While compact computers and smart-phones are overtly popular, public businesses are taking cues from technology and are jumping on the future-friendly band wagon. While restaurants are greeting patrons with tactile and interactive menus, touchable vending machines and interactive clothing machines are replacing walk-in shops. These are things one should brace themselves for when checking out CES 2012.

From complex sci-fi touchscreen innovations to tech-savy smartphones, our technology is getting more and more tactile, growing more and more intelligent by the minute.