Habitat+ from Teo Song Wei is Perfect for Tech-Head Outdoorsmen

 - May 19, 2011
References: coroflot & tuvie
The future of the mobile home is going to be a small one if designer Teo Song Wei's Habitat+ concept is any indication. Habitat+ is a conceptual vehicle that shares similarities with both an RV and a car, allowing it to be used in both the city and the country.

Habitat+ has two modes, mobility and stationary. Mobility mode is designed for driving while stationary mode is designed to make Habitat+ more liveable by expanding the interior and raising the roof using hydraulics. The concept also features an innovative exterior that seems to have touchscreen capabilities, something which should excite people who want to get away but can't live without their technology. As someone who is perpetually on the fence with regards to camping, I am excited by the Habitat+ concept. A small motor home with a touchscreen is a win in my book.