The Pedro Gomes Architect Stylus is a Posh Interactive Pen

If you've ever encountered the problem of having an electronic device refuse to cooperate with your fumbling fingers, the Pedro Gomes Architect Stylus is an amazing interactive upgrade. It is the pen to make your touchscreen web-surfing look professional.

The Architect Stylus has a sleek and stainless aircraft grade aluminum body complete with a silicon rubber tip to glide across the screen of your choice. The utensil will aid you in actually drawing and writing script right on your screen, while looking like a stylish accessory, which is no design surprise coming from Gomes, who always equips his concepts with both functionality and fashion-forward aesthetics.

If you're tired of your testy touchscreen complying with your digits, the Pedro Gomes Architect Stylus earns a win for posh pen practicality and will have you won over at first write.