The AXIO Blue Eye Crops Out the Buttons

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: yankodesign
The manufacturers of the newest point-and-shoots are attempting to simplify the user interface of their products to appeal to amateur photographers. Incredibly, this concept called the AXIO Blue Eye Camera is void of any buttons -- with the exception of only one.

Turning the device on and off can be accomplished with the single depressible component, while all other commands must be communicated through the same touchscreen that displays your subject and previous pictures. When you wish to take a photo there isn't even a shutter release button to signal a snapshot, since this too must be facilitated by the heat-sensitive VDT.

A glowing cobalt light is emitted from the lens when the gadget is active. It makes the AXIO Blue Eye Camera by Christos Ragias look even more avant-garde as it complements its futuristic operation with electrified aesthetics.