Toaster & Knife Folds Your Slice for Easy Sandwich Making

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: cargocollective & yankodesign
I would guess that roughly 99.99% of toasters keep pieces of bread flat when they warm them up, making the Toaster & Knife set a very unusual countertop appliance. The kitchen contraption presses each slice over a bent surface so that it comes out crispy and stiff with a 90-degree fold down the middle.

The benefit of this new shape is that the bread can be much more easily creased to form a half sandwich. This makes the breakfast snack portable and quicker to eat. Now, Zlil Lazarovich's other feature for the Toaster & Knife, the latter item, is a Y-shaped utensil that offers a single handle and a pair of spreaders. With this, you can double-dip your peanut butter and jam without contaminating either jar.