Salve Bagel Toaster is a Desktop Breakfast Prep Applicance

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: electroluxdesignlab & core77
North Americans love their holey bread rolls for breakfast, and to help save a few bucks at the local cafe, the Salve Bagel Toaster can prepare your simple meal upon arrival at the office.

Much smaller than a conventional toaster, this culinary contraption is a U-shaped gadget that bakes your bread as it spins. The wireless device is portable, tiny enough to fit in your desk drawer, and it runs on sugar crystal batteries, juiced up through a ceramic induction charger.

Another great feature of the Electrolux Design Lab 2011 semi-finalist project is that the open mechanism allows the consumer to constantly inspect the gradually golder morsel as it pivots, so that the Salve Bagel Toaster by Kent Madden will never burn your bread.