From Disco Ball Pizza Ovens to Single-Slice Stoves

 - Nov 10, 2013
It's natural to think less of your own oven (in pizza terms, anyways) after you've checked out all of these peculiar pizza ovens. Making pizza, like all cooking, is a form of art. Every good work of art needs a good canvas, and the pizza oven is the canvas upon which delicious and beautiful cheese pie is created. These ovens are peculiar only in the sense that they aren't what you'd expect your pizza to come out of.

You can travel the world and only find one disco ball pizza oven. (That's in Italy, obviously.) There's also a chance that
fiends of the 'za already know about, and own, the portable car pizza maker. These are just two of the peculiar pizza ovens you'll come across, here. After all, everyone knows that a good meal starts with dough and ends with pepperonis.