Pita Bread Toaster by Adi Zaffran Matches the Elementary Makeup of Toast

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: adi.designgroup.co.il & bookofjoe
I can't help but think of the 'The Toaster Project' by Thomas Thwaites when I look at this Pita Bread Toaster by Adi Zaffran. It is, however, much simpler in design and function. This inventive pizza oven appears to comprise, quite unelaborately, of a cement block, a couple of pieces of wood, some bent conductive rebar and an electrical cord. Together, these basic raw materials effectively serve to cook.

The inspiration for this unusual appliance came from the very nature of the foods that might be baked within the eccentric open oven. Specifically, pita bread is a staple edible in the diets of many, made from a mixture of very few ingredients. Appropriately, the use of basic fundamental construction materials for the Pita Bread Toaster by Adi Zaffran references the rudimentary recipe for homemade grains.