The Charming Le Nid Ramequin Takes the Notion of the 'Egg Chair' Literally

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: questodesign & alessi
The iconic egg chair has been inspired by the protective casing of a popular breakfast food, and now this lovely little dish has been inspired by the seat. This is a design that comes full circle -- or oval, if you will. The Le Nid Ramequin is a scaled down capsular chair that's intended to contain a perfect poached egg.

Christian Ghion's design for Alessi begins with a form that seems to have begun as a complete egg shell, before it was excised of part of its side wall. It's through this opening that the hen's offering can be inserted and accessed while eating. To keep the Le Nid Ramequin from rolling over, it's been given a metal frame for a base that confirms its furniture-influenced appearance.