- May 25, 2015
These non-traditional waffles range from delicious desserts to breakfast hybrids. Though these waffles are unconventional, their unusual ingredients make them worth trying.

An enthusiast for cheese and gravy may find waffle poutine the perfect dish while a foodie with a sweet tooth is destined to go for s'mores-inspired waffles. In addition to the marshmallow and chocolate toppings, these non-traditional waffles feature cinnamon sprinkles and a side of ice cream. Other examples of non-traditional waffles include supreme waffle nachos complete with toppings such as an egg, avocado, tomato, jalapeno and black beans.

Lastly, waffles can also fuse with coffee for a little crunch -- and a side of syrup -- with a morning espresso. Though these waffles may not serve as the perfect breakfast dish, they are delicious nonetheless.

From Campfire Treat Waffles to Tantalizing Turkey Waffles: