This Layered Vanilla Buttercream Cake Incorporates Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles are a pretty unbeatable combination just the two of them, but adding a cake to this savory meal takes things to a new level. Created by Glazed and Confused, this recipe for a chicken and waffles cake celebrates the blogger Graham's site anniversary.

This sweet and savory dessert combines a vanilla buttermilk cake (recipe courtesy of Sweetapolita), maple syrup buttercream, spicy sage caramel, chicken nuggets and Belgian waffles. The tiered vanilla cake incorporates the maple syrup and spicy caramel between layers. Meanwhile the fried chicken is inserted at the top, forming a perimeter. The waffle is the center piece where you might typically find a birthday candle or well-wishing message. You could also use waffle pieces to decorate.