- Feb 12, 2015
These Mardi Gras recipes range from Fat Tuesday desserts to fried shrimp snacks that will satisfy one's sweet and savory cravings. From hearty jambalayas to boozy rib barbecues, New Orleans food is known for its rich flavor pairings that are inspired by the city's multicultural residents.

Referencing Spanish, Italian and Caribbean cuisine, these Mardi Gras recipes are the perfect way to indulge and break your New Year's resolutions. Whether heading to New Orleans or celebrating Fat Tuesday right at home, draw some inspiration from these dessert, cocktail or meal ideas.

Standouts from this list include fried shrimp parfaits that blend together unexpected flavors along with Fat Tuesday cupcakes that are adorned with green, yellow and purple icing and sprinkles. Whatever your tastes, you won't go hungry when trying one of these delicious bites.

From Boozy Bourbon Ribs to Fat Tuesday-Themed Desserts: