These Pancake Cupcakes are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Shrove Tuesday

The playful blogger Kara from the sinfully sweet blog Butter Hearts Sugar crafted these darling Pancake Cupcakes in honor of Shrove Tuesday. Yes, Lent is about to start, so you might want to whip up these stunners pronto before you have to say bye bye to sugar (or something else equally delicious) until Easter. Sure to make a lasting impact on those lucky enough to eat them, these Pancake Cupcakes score extra points for their mind-blowing presentation.

Comprised of a petite cake made using pancake batter, these Pancake Cupcakes are topped with a healthy swirl of buttery maple buttercream and a short stack of darling mini flap jacks. Kara finishes the whole thing off with a final hefty drizzle of maple syrup. Sticky and sweet, these Pancake Cupcakes are the perfect sugary fix for Fat Tuesday.

Decadent, excessive and hopelessly alluring, these Pancake Cupcakes will keep you coming back for more.