These Bourbon Marshmallow S'mores Will Derail Your Will Power Everytime

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: howsweeteats
Celebrated blogger Jessica (from the blog 'How Sweet It Is') kicked the bonfire classic up a notch with these Bourbon Marshmallow S'mores -- oh, and she thoughtfully threw some bacon in for good measure. Booze, bacon and chocolate? There is literally nothing on this ingredient list you want to say no to. If you're planning to indulge in this messy and decadent treat, you'll have to abandon all your common sense and surrender yourself to the delicious calories.

This gooey, sugary sandwich started out innocently enough as a bourbon marshmallow recipe. But Jessica's well-documented obsession with s'mores (s'more shooters anyone?) took over. As any foodie will tell you (assuming they're not vegetarian) everything goes better with bacon, so naturally the salty pork product was added to the mix -- it just makes culinary sense.

Ridiculously decadent and downright evil, these Bourbon Marshmallow Smores will derail your diet in the best possible way.