Crown Maple Syrup Bottles Bring Class to a Canadian Favorite

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: studiompls & lovelypackage
If you're thinking to yourself that these Crown Maple Syrup bottles kind of look like premium vodka bottles, you're actually not too far from the truth. Dubbed "the world’s first brand of super-premium maple syrup" by designers Studio MPLS, the opulent branding of these bottles is sure to send these bad boys flying off of shelves.

The design of the bottle itself is elegant and simplistic. There's wood motifs along the sides of the syrup container and the labels of each bottle are so sleek that even James Bond would approve. The Crown Maple Syrup bottles also features the spiffy slogan of "Not all crowns are hereditary," and to top it all off, we have a cap with a sick print that just as easily could have been used on the latest fashion apparel.