Dive into the Delicious Bacon Crust Pizza

If you love bacon and you love pizza, the bacon crust pizza is a marriage made in mash-up heaven. With all the fixings of a hearty pizza piled on top of a bacon-clad crust, it's hard to not drool just a little bit staring into this culinary masterpiece.

Opting for a lean, mean meat diet, the folks at The Free Range Human decided to ditch the dough and get crafty with pork. Using nothing but glorious strips of bacon, the mad science chefs weave together the porky strands to create a basket weave base. After piling on the toppings, the hybrid pizza is cooked until the bacon is crispy to the touch.

While some may look at this meal with skepticism, those looking to cut out carbs from their diet should consider the bacon crust pizza with an open-mind.