These Cookies are a Fresh Twist on the Traditional Confetti Cake

 - Jul 1, 2013
References: bakerella
Sometimes the more colorful the dessert, the more appealing it looks. In the case of these delicious confetti cake-inspired cookies, color is everywhere. A combination of a chocolate chip cookie and a confetti cake, these chocolate chip confetti cookies by are kaleidoscopically delicious.

This confetti cookie recipe features several ingredients of a traditional cake, such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oil and salt. The milk has been cut out, so that the dough remains more firm and less watery. Then, chocolate chips, colorful M&Ms and confetti sprinkles are added to the dough to add color. Once the cookies are baked, they're sprinkled with even more confetti sprinkles to the point that these delicious cookies look like they fell from a rainbow.