Baking for Good is an Online Treat Service That Delivers Change

Baking for Good is a New York City-based online bakery inspired by a traditional bake sale that delivers across the US and a social enterprise that supports numerous charities. Baking for Good donates 15% of the proceeds from each treat toward the particular organization it supports and sells baked goods including whoopie pies, the classic chocolate chip cookie, caramel corn and much more.

Baking for Good accepts custom cookie, cake and cupcake orders, many of which are displayed on the business’ website and range from sugar cookies inspired by The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ to a birthday cake inspired by the 1902 French silent film ‘A Trip to the Moon.’ The philanthropic e-bakery changes its treats menu seasonally and always has awesome holiday-themed options depending on the time of year.

Founded in 2009, Baking for Good partners with charities that either qualify as registered non-profits or community fundraisers to which its customers can direct their donation upon checkout.

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