The Gingerbread Yoga Men are Fit for Beloved Yogis

 - Dec 26, 2011
References: bakedideas & neatorama
The Gingerbread Yoga Men show that holiday treats can be made extra special for particular loved ones. Instead of giving traditional, static gingerbread men as a simple and easy Christmas gift, this version is much more fun and flexible.

Conceived and created by Patti Paige of Baked Ideas, the Gingerbread Yoga Men are not hard to make. That is, if a person orders Patti Paige's custom cookie cutters that feature the yoga poses she makes herself. Coming in sets of ten, the Gingerbread Yoga Men cover most of the yoga basics: Downward Dog, Wheel, Savasana, Spinal Twist, Warrior I, Plow, Tree, Triangle, Warrior III and Lotus. Nevertheless, it is the added icing details that really set these designs apart from each other.