These Waffle Breakfast Sushi Rolls Don't Need Soy Sauce

At first, the 'Waffle Breakfast Sushi Rolls' sound completely out of place, not least because sushi alludes to a sour, vinegary taste, which counteracts the 'Waffle,' and 'Breakfast' -- well, I've never had the chance to enjoy sushi at the crack of dawn.

But Dan Whalen, writing in the Taste For Adventure blog, has found a way to fuse the delicious culinary dessert with the preparatory elements of the Japanese staple food. By using "pizzelles" -- a more rigid, sturdier alternative to traditional waffles -- Whalen "overloads" the pizzelle maker so they come out as whole chunks in a rectangular shape.

Using strawberries, bananas and pineapples -- although these are just the ingredients used for the particular blog post -- and whipped cream cheese, he then tops then together, rolls them up and cuts them into small, bite-sized pieces. To serve, he puts some maple syrup into a soup bowl and eats them with a chopstick.