These Hummus Cups are Light Appetizers to Serve at Your Next Party

 - Oct 30, 2013
Hummus cups are a great alternative to serving chips for people to snack on before hamburgers at a BBQ.

While it’s extremely easy just to buy an array of junk food to place on your table for guests, these vegetarian delights provide guests with more choice as well as keeping their health in mind. The great thing about these cups is they are simple to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients. To get started all you need is some Pillsbury dough, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus and a baking muffin tray. After the dough is baked, all that’s left to do is spread the interior with hummus, adorn with mini cucumbers and tomatoes, and wait for the satisfied praise from your guests.

Making these hummus cups also show your visitors that you took the time to make something fresh and special for them.