The McDonald’s Commercial Shows Women Tempted by Sundaes

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Advertising agency TBWAFRANCE has created a humorous commercial to promote delicious sundaes from McDonald’s.

The setting is an interview process. Each young woman is extremely chic, however the well-dressed interviewer is horrified by each as they all have smudged lipstick. At the end of the interviews the woman goes to the waiting room, finds an open magazine with a picture of a sundae and licks her lips as well, suffering the same fate as the interviewees.

This commercial works well to market to a wide audience. First, anyone would see the sundae as the perfect summer cool down. More specifically, McDonald’s plays on the corporate woman, suggesting they should allow themselves to indulge in a yummy treat for all their hard work.

McDonald’s is such a huge corporation that the brand isn't even promoted until the logo is shown at the end. People could also associate the red lipstick with Ronald McDonald's red lips.