This McDonald's England Commercial is a Heartwarming Tale

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: mcdonalds & adsoftheworld
A step-father and his step-son bond over french fries and hamburgers in this McDonald's England commercial.

This concept feeds the family values angle McDonald's has long pushed to their audiences. McDonald's is presented as a wholesome restaurant that brings people together. The tag line reads "We all have McDonald's in common," which is true if you think about all the people you know who've eaten at the fast food chain in their lifetime.

In this McDonald's England commercial, a boy's mom asks her boyfriend to move in with them and the boy has some trouble adjusting. Several encounters between the boyfriend and the boy end with the boy simply saying "No, you're alright," and walking away. This goes on for a few days until he overhears the boyfriend muttering to himself about going to McDonald's.