Levi's (Live Unbuttoned)

 - Aug 11, 2008
References: adrants
Levi Strauss is making a strong push for the global re-launch of the iconic Levi's 501. Following the print ads and creative outdoor billboards, we bring you the Live Unbuttoned TV spot.

The commercial starts with people unbuttoning their jeans to a sexy female voice that whispers, "If you undo the buttons, loosen the screws, shake off the ropes... Baby... ain't nothin' gonna knock you down."

The ad uses a special remix by the French band Justice, one of my favorite techno bands. The song is Genesis (The Levis Unbuttoned remix 2008).

Half way through the commercial, the music kicks in with strong beats and we see the bodies of the model multiply, get thrown around, fly and float in the air. The combination of the special effects with the awesome high energy music works perfectly with the Live Unbuttoned theme of having fun with your jean unbuttoned. Nice work!

The commercial is directed by Fredrik Bond with creative team Toby Allen and Jim Hilson.