- May 31, 2010   Updated: Jun 16 2011
Regardless of what the "in" pair of jeans may be, Levis will always be the most iconic denim maker ever. The creative Levis marketing moves featured in this cluster of trends are great examples of how they have maintained that status.

The trends here show that Levis understands innovation is the key to success. From promiscuous denim campaigns to green jeans, enjoy these creative Levis marketing moves.

Implications - The success of many companies is in large part attributable to the maintenance of creative marketing campaigns that are inspired by relevant current events. the use of promiscuity and sexual imagery is a major example of this, as sexuality has become much more publicized as of late, and the consuming public continues to respond to the use of it in marketing campaigns.

From Promiscuous Denim Campaigns to Green Jeans: