Sexy Levi's 501 Billboard

 - Aug 10, 2008
References: trendhunter
Living in LA, the land of billboards, it's pretty rare to find a media buy that is so cool and attention-grabbing, that it could cause an accident. But this morning on my way to get coffee, I saw the brand new Levi's billboard, and I literally couldn't take my eyes off of it. And neither could anyone else. The rubber-necking of the drivers on their morning commute caused a slow-down on La Cienega, as people tried to figure out how Levi's did it.

Leave it to the marketing whiz kids at Levi's to come up with the ultimate in sexy billboards. I'm not talking about a billboard with a sexy image (that's so 2007). I'm talking about the billboard itself being sexy.

In the tradition of both Andy Warhol's famous Sticky Fingers album cover for the Rolling Stones and the large-scale sculptures of Claes Oldenbeug, the Levi's billboard is taking off its tight-fitting jeans, while giant (6' tall) buttons popp open to reveal a Levi's red tag. If I were the billboard across the street, I'd be jealous.

I examined it up close. It's actually made of printed vinyl that is stretched around a metal framework, magically replicating the texture and look off a real pair of 501's. This is definitely the largest waist size known to man.