From Pole Dancer Alarm Clocks to Warrior Strippers

 - Nov 1, 2009   Updated: Jun 21 2011
A pole dancer is a stripper, but a stripper isn't necessarily a pole dancer. Don't believe me? That is a good thing, my friend, because I just made it up.

Strip clubs, nudity and poles are all timeless favorites, so let's celebrate the strippers and pole dancers of our world with these 40 stripping selections. Check out all the action, from pole dancer alarm clocks to warrior strippers.

Implications - Urban society has become so saturated with advertisements infiltrating a variety of mediums that consumers have become desensitized to their images. Consumers are now only affected by advertisements that boast shocking or risque graphics and text. These prove to be more memorable than traditional ads and spark discussion within communities. Companies can attract a wider audience by developing memorable marketing campaigns.