Levi's Mobile Phone

 - Oct 4, 2007
References: modelabs
The Levi's company is going digital with the launch of their first mobile phone. Joining other designers like Versace, D&G, and Prada, the jeans house is launching the phone, branded with its own fashion label.

"The Levi's® phone is offered in metallic silver, black and brown copper," the company says. "Stylish feminine 'shiny silver' and 'shiny sand' editions, featuring a 'mirror' screen have also been created for the fashion forward. 'As pioneers of the connection between fashion and technology, we wanted to create an accessory that combines design aesthetics with consumer needs. We are confident that this phone lives up to the promise of the Levi's® brand.'"

The steel phone is the perfect accessory to keep both men and women wired in style. The phone features music, image and video functions.