Guys Fill Jeans with Helium for Levi's

 - Jun 24, 2008
References: youtube
Levi's is at it again with their viral videos/promos. First, it was the “Guys backflipping into Jeans” video that fooled the blogosphere into thinking it was a random viral YouTube stunt video. Then, it was “The Super Chill Monkey”. Now, they've come up with what they hope will be yet another viral phenomenon: “Guys Fill their Jeans with Helium”.

With the help of a few of his friends, some scotch tape and a helium tank, a guy fills up his jeans with helium and goes airborne where he proceeds to videotape the scene around and below him. The dude seemingly floats around not far from the ground until he lands on a chain fence and ends up falling flat on his face.

I am no expert on this type of things but I am kind of suspicious here. The camera cuts, the angles as well as the overall flow of this video are not convincing enough. Is this yet another hoax? In any event, this video is the work of the creative minds at UnbuttonedFilms. 

Here are the “Guys backflipping into Jeans” and “The Chill Monkey” vids.