Aerial Sporting and Bird's-Eye View Photography

 - Apr 13, 2012
Getting a view from above has long been an angle coveted by photographers. Working from an elevated space offers an uncanny perspective, and one that would often be missed were it not for the shoots. This fascination with the top-down approach has been responsible for some breathtaking airborne features within the art world, and now, thanks to breakthroughs in technology, the towering theme has bled into the areas of architecture, design and even within the criminal investigation process.

Designers throughout the world have consistently focused on aerial ventures. Clients get the chance to see products within an entirely different context, making for long-lasting impressions. This effect has been crucial to several business niches, and has bolstered the sky-high work of scientists, stylists and entrepreneurs alike. These airborne features confirm that there is nothing too lofty in this sector, and that much more remains to be seen.