These Bernhard Lang Aerial Photos Turn Humans into Ants

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: & randommization
It's easy to forget just how small our planet is in the grand scheme of things, however, photographer Bernhard Lang makes sure that his audience is reminded of this through his series of environmental aerial shots. This collection of sky-high snapshots is stunning; Lang focused on a wide variety of populated environments to shoot. Some of these settings are busy with beach-loungers or downhill skiiers, while others are dotted with tiny sailboats or alternatively, are completely empty of humans.

These photos have their frames filled with natural environment. The humans within them are merely tiny specks and look like tiny flies. By composing the shots this way, Bernhard Lang proves how grand our environment is, and how we need to appreciate it.

These Bernhard Lang photos are naturally exquisite.