From Soaring Urbanite Photography to Celestial Cloud Captures

 - Dec 23, 2011
Many people would love to have the ability to fly as the world could be experience from an entirely different point of view, as shown by these alluring aerial captures. To witness the earth from a bird's perspective is an idea that has intrigued many artists, which is why they have found a way to either hop on a plane or to digitally recreate an aerial landscape.

Either way, the result is impressive and intriguing, as humans and objects cease to reign the world to become a mere decorative aspect. Aerial photography consisting of urban landscapes heavily populated by humans transform people into miniature objects that create abstract shapes and patterns. Similarly, images of traffic or green scenery acquire a different look that produce an interesting visual effect of beautiful undefined forms.

If you are scared of heights, hold onto your seat because these alluring aerial captures don't care about heights.