Stephan Zirwes Captures the World as One Big Canvas

 - Aug 3, 2011
References: stephanzirwes & fastcodesign
The introduction of Google Earth has led to a huge fascination with aerial shots, more so than ever before. Now yet another photographer has decided to take up an omnipresent perspective through the photography medium: Stephan Zirwes. Armed with an impressive portfolio, it is clear that Stephan Zirwes has always harbored a fascination with man-made and natural landscapes, even before the rise of Google Earth.

More artistic than some, Stephan Zirwes' aerial shots seem to capture the world as one giant canvas. From captivating compositions to vibrant colors, each image has a surreal sense to it, as though they are actually miniature scenes created using toys and such rather than the real thing. It just goes to show how truly talented and creative a photographer Stephan Zirwes is.