From Palm-Sized DSLRs to Panoramic iPhone Cameras

 - Dec 6, 2011
These charismatic cameras prove that shutterbugs have a lot to celebrate. With so many interesting and innovative designs hitting the market at break-neck speed, you can achieve just about any photographic look you want with the right gadget.

From 3D cameras to crafty spy cameras, there is literally a clicker for every job. For the fashion conscious, there are countless captivating designs that are sure to make a statement every time a Kodak moment crops up. Models capable of facing the extremes of nature mean adrenalin junkies can get in on the action and document their stomach turning exploits without fear of harming an expensive camera. If you are a proud iPhone user, you'll be thrilled with all the dynamic photo-taking doodads and attachments their are currently available on the market.

Time by nature passes you by, but with anyone of these charismatic cameras in your corner you'll have all the tools necessary to capture it in a memorable and beautiful way.